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October 2006

The new album from G.G. ALAN BINDIG, entitled DEATH TRIP is here!  And it's a nasty piece of work - 14 tracks of soul-demolishing balladry from the master of melancholic sub-Swans guitar strumming.  It's like getting killed and born again at the same time.  Which is what life's all about, right?

Coming soon: new CDs from Bonsai Kitten and The Back$eat Romeos.

Apologies for the disappearance of the MP3 page, but remember that most bands here have MySpace pages and you can go and listen to samples of their stuff over there for free.  Seek and you shall find, and you'll find that they all have links to each other too.  Or even better, you can just go and buy their CDs!

Remember that purchases can be made online at - just navigate to the E.C. Productions page and start browsing.  Alternatively, you can write to E.C. at:

E.C. Productions
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North Adelaide SA 5006

CDs can also be purchased in Adelaide at Big Star Records (all stores), and Elevator Music, Seaton.  Keep in mind that while we endeavour to keep stores stocked as best we can, not all of our releases are on shop shelves all the time - ordering through E.C. Productions is still the most efficient way to obtain Chastity Records material.

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