Chastity Records Official Website - Links

Some things we like:

Death In June - frequent Vanishing Point guest and purveyor of fine neo-folk music
E.C. Productions - buy most Chastity Records music and merchandise through this site
Home For The Def - prolific and esoteric Adelaide artist, highly recommended
LeighStarDust - lovely Adelaide lass who sings and plays some very eclectic pop music
Music S.A. - reliable gig listings of what's going on in South Australia at any moment
MySpace - search for specific Chastity Records artists here, and listen to songs
Ramonettes - very cool friends of ours who know how to rock
Spazzys - punk rock girls from Melbourne, more than worthy of your support
Spindickle - brilliant Adelaide singer/songwriter with a compelling melancholy style
Star Ten Hash - one of South Australia's most unique metal bands
Tesco Organisation - German label that has released Isomer among other great artists
Three-D Radio - truly independent Adelaide alternative radio station on 93.7 FM

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