Interview with Jim Taylor (k. l. murder), 10-11 February 2004 on The Vanishing Point radio program.

The Vanishing Point - 3D Radio, 11pm Tuesday to 1am Wednesday, Adelaide, Australia


Alan Bindig (DJ)
Jim Taylor

Song:  G. G. Allin - Die When You Die

Alan Bindig:  Welcome to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  We're here with the man himself from k. l. murder and he is going to be programming the show tonight, and... welcome!

Jim Taylor:  Thanks for having me here!

AB:  That's okay!  Tell us about that track you just played.

JT:  That's a G. G. Allin song, and it's from one of his first albums, and well... I had to play some G. G. Allin, it had to be done!  [laughs]  That song's called "Die When You Die", and it's probably one of the only songs that he's done that's actually catchy.  G. G. Allin's got a place in everyone's heart if they give it a go!

AB:  Now we're here to basically talk about the new k. l. murder releases that have just come out, and first we're going to play one from this new CD of k. l. murder's called Slaveworld.  Tell us a bit about Slaveworld, and about this track you're going to play, and what Slaveworld is about, and whatever you want to say.

JT:  It was recorded over a fair while when we had time, on the weekends and stuff.  The whole subject behind it all is that we're all slaves to something - drugs or alcohol, or sex, or to the system, or whatever, so that's what the whole concept of the album is.  So... which one are you going to play?

AB:  This one... it's called "Porno".

JT:  Ah.  Yeah, basically that one's... ah....

AB:  Don't feel obliged to explain these things in any great detail if you don't want to, of course!  [laughs]

JT:  Well, no... I'll leave it!

AB:  Okay, here it is.

Song:  k. l. murder - Porno
Song:  Whitehouse - Once And For All

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  I'm here with Jim from k. l. murder who is programming the show this evening, playing some favouruite tracks and also playing some of the new k. l. murder releases.  That was Whitehouse just then.

JT:  Yeah, that was a song called "Once And For All", a piece of noise, I don't know if you could call it a 'song'... [laughs]

AB:  I use the word 'song' pretty loosely on this show!  [laughs]

JT:  It's from an album called Quality Time, which is recorded by Steve Albini, who ended up recording Nirvana and I think one of the last things he recorded was.... what are they called... I can't remember, but some big-hair-rock American band, which is pretty funny!  He's actually recorded Merzbow as well... who played last night, which was good!  Very interesting!  [laughs]  I'm going to play something a bit later, because there's two k. l. murder CDs out, and one's the actual album, and the other one's sort of....

AB:  The early recordings?

JT:  Yeah, just like mucking about in the room, just having fun with it.  The next album, we're going to make it a lot more harsh and try and outdo Whitehouse!  I'm probably going to say as much on it - I talk too much sometimes!

AB:  Okay, so we're playing something from... this is the Dungeon Sex Session album, this is like the early recordings album - this is a song called "Demons".

JT:  Cool!

Song:  k. l. murder - Demons
Song:  Isomer - Baby Fuck Me Please

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  I'm here with Jim from k. l. murder who is programming the show.  That was Isomer we just heard.

JT:  That's correct!

AB:  Tell us why you picked Isomer.

JT:  Well I like his stuff, it's a good change from you know, all the harsh stuff, and I like how it's atmospheric, it's relaxing to me, but also because I like the guy who makes the music, he's a nice guy Dave, he's really cool.  I like the fact that he just does it on his own and it's cool that he plays live too.  He was good last night... with Merzbow!

AB:  The next one you've picked is Asian Dub Foundation.  This is a bit different to your other picks, so....

JT:  I remember buying an Asian Dub Foundation album called Community Music, and I thought it was something completely different - I just bought it... it's weird, it's sort of like hiphop, but it's a reggae thing, but it's dub, but it's Asian... dudes from Pakistan, I mean, they're all from England, but descendants from those sort of places, Malaysia...  I like the fact that it's fast, and it sounds powerful.  I think this one might be live....

AB:  Yes, this is a live record you've picked.  Keep Bangin' On The Walls is this album.

JT:  Yeah, they're great, and they've just come out with a new album.  I haven't got it because you know, I haven't really been that rich lately [laughs] so....

AB:  Well, you're a musician! [laughter all round]

JT:  Yes!  Don't tell anyone that....

AB:  Okay sorry.... I just told a whole bunch of people... well here's Asian Dub Foundation anyway, and this song's called "Blowback".

Song:  Asian Dub Foundation - Blowback
Song:  Trepanning - Kama Sutra (Position A)

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  I'm here with Jim from k. l. murder who is programming the show tonight.  Tell us about what we just heard.

JT:  Yeah, that's another project of mine.  I mainly do it on guitar, I just rty and make it sound like Merzbow - but with a guitar rather than computer.  I think I was using the 808 there.  I think it's the only track on the CD that's not made all with guitar.

AB:  We should tell them that the name of the CD, the project is called Trepanning...

JT:  Yeah, which is trepanation, I named it after that, but the album is called Pure Sex, and it's all just guitar.  It's cool to have a solo guitar album that doesn't sound like guitar at all!  Rather than something like Joe Satriani where they're playing brilliantly, I'm just trying to make it sound like a messed-up computer or something!  I show people and I'll give it to them and say "oh, this is my 'guitar album'", and they can't even get through the first track!  [laughs all round]  So yeah... I'm going to play something that I'm really interested in, actually, I've been intrigued by it... called Raw Sex.  It's actually a triple album, which is amazing... and it's just intriguing isn't it?  I've got to hear it!

AB:  You've heard about Raw Sex, but you've not heard Raw Sex?

JT:  Nah, I've heard about it and.... I'm just amazed that this is a triple album!  Jesus!  I like this song here... "I Passed Wind When Talking To Kim Salmon".

AB:  Well with a name like that, you know you're in for a treat.

JT:  I *have* to hear that one!

AB:  Okay, well we're going to play that one just for you!

Song:  Raw Sex - I Passed Wind When Talking To Kim Salmon
Song:  Crazy Penis - unknown

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point, and yes it *is* the Vanishing Point!  I'm here with Jim from k. l. murder who is programming the show tonight and playing various tracks.  What was thast song, and why'd you pick it?

JT:  That was a bit of a mistake, really!  [laughter all round]  I picked it because it was Crazy Penis, and I've heard one of their songs before, and I think it must have been off the first album, and it was actually quite cool, but... I don't know, that was a bit too commercial for me.  Too normal-sounding - people probably turned to the channel and heard that and thought they were on Fresh FM!  And they'll leave it on, and they can listen to the *next* stuff, and they'll probably turn it off!

AB:  I imagine so!  What have you picked next?

JT:  I've picked Bonsai Kitten, and it's harsh extreme noise.  It's off of their album called Bonsai Bukkake, which is an interesting title [laughter all round] ...I'm yet to know what that means, do you know what it means?  Can you please explain it to me?

AB:  I can, but I fear that I should not explain what "Bonsai Bukkake" means, I suggest that if you really want to know, that you should look it up on the Internet.  But then, maybe not....

JT:  Will I get in some sort of trouble, though?

AB:  Yeah, maybe I should just discontinue this particular thread of the conversation, and just play the song!

JT:  Okay!

AB:  This is "A Rewarding Experience", from Bonsai Kitten.

Song:  Bonsai Kitten - A Rewarding Experience
Song:  G. G. Allin - Last In Line For The Gang Bang
[transcriber's note - interview section here missing]
Song:  k. l. murder - Ejaculator
Song:  Bloodsucking Freaks - Suck More Piss

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  I'm here with Jim from k. l. murder who is programming the show tonight.  Well, that was the Bloodsucking Freaks, a local group.

JT:  The Bloodsucking Freaks!  I picked that one because they've actually recorded it well, which was amazing.  I think they went to Melbourne and recorded that, and I wanted to hear Jay's drumming, because he's the drummer in my band, which is Black Belt Jones, which is more sort of hard rock.  I'm going to play a song from our demo, which is going to be on our album, but we just have to finish it!  It's one where I actually sing, and I'm not too embarrased about it, which is kind of strange because everything else I've usually recorded and sung I can't bear to listen to!

AB:  Okay, here's a track from Black Belt Jones, it's called "Missy".

Song:  Black Belt Jones - Missy
Song:  Bonsai Kitten - Experiments In Torture

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  I'm here with Jim from k. l. murder who is playing some various tracks for us.  That was more Bonsai Kitten.

JT:  Yeah, I like it!  It's off of "Penetrator".  Pretty harsh, but it's got a good pulse to it - I like it.  I've been playing some stuff that you would probably never play on hear, but... if you want to hear something, you just gotta play it!  I want to play Bloodsucking Freaks agaon, because they do a cover of a G. G. Allin song, and I only just found it, so I've gotta hear so I can hear it myself, becauseI haven't got enough money to actually go and buy anything at the moment, so... [laughs] .. I actually heard they're jamming again, which is pretty funny, but pretty cool.  I hope they play again.  If they do, my band will be playing with them, and I'll ask them to do a G. G. Allin song, and I'll do one as well.

AB:  Are they jamming with your drummer?

JT:  No, they've got their own drummer now.  So, it should be pretty cool, if it happens!

AB:  Well here's the Bloodsucking Freaks with "Hard Candy Cock"!

JT:  That's it!

Song:  Bloodsucking Freaks - Hard Candy Cock
Song:  k. l. murder - Goths Suck
Song:  k. l. murder - ...And I Loved It

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  I'm here with Jim from k. l. murder. He's here promoting the new k. l. murder albums and also playing some stuff, programming the show tonight.  That was a couple of k. l. murder tracks there, both from Dungeon Sex Session - tell us about thise tracks.

JM:  Those ones are like ambient acoustic ones.  I listened to a lot of Death In June and stuff like that, si I just thought I'd do something different!  I won't be doing it again... well, maybe... who knows, I might make an acoustic album!  But the first one was called "Goths Suck", and it's just a little... you know, no-one really 'sucks' or anything, I'm just having a joke, because I've got a couple of friends and they're goths, and every time I go and see them and they're not there I'm like "what are they doing, probably stalking around the room where it's all dark, listening to The Cure or something...and crying heaps"!  [laughs]  It's jsut basically a joke anyway.  The other one was called "...And I Loved It".  I'd been going onto a lot, which is a website devited to absolute sickening things that humans can do to each other in every possible way!  It's quite disturbing, and I was going there a lot in my spare time, and that was just a little joke about the website, it's done for a laugh, really.  I'm going to play something completely different... which sort of relates to "Goths Suck"... there's a band called Raven Black Night.  I know Jimmy from it,  which kind of sucks because there should be only one Jimmy in this town!  [laughter all round]  But he's a really nice guy, and he's playing in this metal band, I'm not putting crap on him because I think he's great, but I wouldn't listen to it, it's not my type of music, but I just love the fact that he's singing in this high vocal style, and he doesnt really care what anyone thinks, it's a total 80's sounding thing, and I just think it's hilarious!  What's really cool about it, is he's got the guts to do it really, and we've found a song, called... what's it called?

AB:  "Gothic Black".

JT:  Gothic Black!  So I think it's time we hear it!

Song:  Raven Black Night - Gothic Black
Song:  Whitehouse - Told

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  We're here with Jim from k. l. murder who is programming the show and playing various tracks, that was more Whitehouse.  That song was called "Told", from Quality Time.

JT:  I like that one.  He goes a bit nuts with his vocals, which is always interesting!  They're playing in Melbourne, or have played....

AB:  Yes, as part of the What Is Music festival, Whitehouse were playing in Melbourne.  I don't actually know what the date is that they're playing over there, but they either just have done, or are just about to!  I think Merzbow is involved with that as well, which is why he did the whole tour.

JT:  Was it a big noise festival or something?

AB:  They've been doing them as part of the Big Day Out for a while, but I think recently they've separated it out into a separate festival called What Is Music and it goes just up and down the east coast.

JT:  What sort of stuff is it all?

AB:  Just... all sort of experimental music, basically the stuff you usually hear on this show.  Anything that falls into that bracket is pretty mucha  candidate for the What Is Music festival.

JT:  You'd be happy if you went there!

AB:  I actually went a couple years ago once, but I only saw three acts because they misadvertised the time that it was due to start!  Yes, that's on every year in the summer, in Sydney and Melbourne, and I think either Brisbane or the Gold Coast as well.

JT:  Have sore ears after the day's finished!

AB:  Yes, I guess you would, it's like a mini Big Day Out for noise music and weird stuff.  Next up, tell us what the next track is.

JT:  Next one is a classic, it's an absolutely amazing song!  It's from the Swans, it's from their early stuff, and it's called Cop.  It's just an absolutely amazing song.  The drums are brilliant, weird but brilliant, and it's great.  Thats all you can say about a song like that is - it's great!

AB:  Okay - here's the Swans.

Song:  Swans - Cop

AB:  You've been listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  Jim from k. l. murder has been programming the tracks this evening, so thanks Jim for coming in!

JT:  Thanks for having me, man!

AB:  That's okay!  We should mention that k. l. murder's new album Slaveworld is out now and available to buy and also the early recordings album which is called Dungeon Sex Session is also out, so have a look for those.  You can get them at Big Star in all stores, and also Elevator Music in Seaton and Verandah Music in the city as well.  So - there you go, and we should leave now with smoe k. l. murder.  Tell us about this track.

JT:  This one's called "Candy".  It's a harsh one, it's off the album, they're  all quite similar off the album, it's not like the other CD, which is just demos and stuff like that.  It's the first song we did, actually.  I'm getting tired, now...

AB:  Okay, we'll leave it there!  Thanks for coming in.  Next week, The Vanishing Point will be back with a regular show with just me, next week also I should have ready a short interview that I did with Merzbow at the gig.

JT:  That will be interesting.

AB:  He only talks for.. once I edit it down, it's probably going to be about three minutes, four minutes at the max, of him talking, but it's still interesting to hear what he's been up to, and he talks a little bit about what he's going to get up to next.  It should be of interest to Merzbow fans, so that'll be on next week, and I'll just be playing new releases and just the regular sort of stuff, so until then, goodnight!

JT:  Goodnight!

Song:  k. l. murder - Candy

End of interview.

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