Interview with Raw Sex and Colostomy Bag Lady, August 2003 on The Vanishing Point radio program.

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Alan Bindig (DJ)
Raw Sex
Colostomy Bag Lady

Song: Colostomy Bag Lady – Plankton Boy

Alan Bindig:  Good evening and welcome to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  We're here in the studio with Raw Sex and Colostomy Bag Lady…

Colostomy Bag Lady:  Hello!

Raw Sex:  Hello there!

AB:  …and they're going to be guest programming the show tonight and we're also going to be playing some stuff from their most recent releases.  What you just heard then was a track form the latest Colostomy Bag Lady CD which has just been released, I’ve just got one hot in my hands today, it’s called “Excrementals” and maybe you’d like to tell us a bit more about it?

CBL:  Basically it’s just a collection of instrumental tracks that I’ve done, I’ve just compiled them onto the one CD for people to enjoy!

AB:  And is this typical… of Colostomy Bag Lady output in general?

CBL:  Yeah, yeah… so far I’ve just released probably… about 5 EPs amongst my friends, and half of it was instrumental, half was vocals, but pretty much that’s it for the instrumental side of Colostomy Bag Lady, all the rest of the stuff that’s going to come out is going to have… bad vocals on it, so yeah – it is sort of typical in a way.  But as far as instrumentals go that’s the end of it.

AB:  Okay, now the other CDs we’re here to talk about are the new stuff from Raw Sex, which is “Rock and Roll Sex Bomb” and “Raw Sex Explores Australian Culture”… tell us a bit about those CDs, what they’re about and so forth, anything you care to mention basically…?

RS:  Well, basically the “Rock and Roll Sex Bomb” one had a lot to do with alcohol…

CBL:  <stifles laugh>

RS:  …and the “Raw Sex..” um, what’s it called again…

AB:  … explores Aus…

RS:  … “Explores Australian Culture”

AB:  I shouldn’t be telling you that!  <laughter all round>

RS:  Well, that… that had some alcoholic moments and some sober moments.  The “Australian Culture” one was originally a series of cassettes that I sent to the executives at E.C. Productions for well… for them to do with it what they did, and most of it appeared on the CD, and that was recorded over some time over different sessions, and the “Rock and Roll” one was when I was in you know… a good, drinkin’, rockin’ mood.

AB:  Well we’re going to hear a song now from ”Raw Sex Explores Australian Culture”, this one’s called “I Walk the Line”.

Song:  Raw Sex – I Walk The Line
Song:  Lubricated Goat – The Day In Rock

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, we’re here with Raw Sex and Colostomy Bag Lady spinning some tunes and having a chat.  We just heard… well, tell us what we heard, and why you picked it, and…

RS:  Well we just heard Lubricated Goat, with “The Day In Rock”, and I picked it because it’s… well it would be a good day if that day in rock occurred, and also because Lubricated Goat are a great, great band, Stuart Spasm’s a great… bad musician, and I remember once reading a quote, and he says “we don’t play happy music, we perform music for people to perform obscene sex acts and for teenagers to commit suicide to” – as well as, he was the very first person ever to attempt to teach me how to play the guitar.

AB:  Did he do a good job?

RS:  Not really!  But I think we had some beers during practice sessions so… yeah, it’s a great song!

AB:  Now next up is a band called Hack.  Now, Colostomy Bag Lady….

CBL:  Yeah, Hack – fantastic band, I was in Hack for about two or three years, playing drums in them.  I thought that they were by far the best band that I’d ever been in, just a really good live band, just brutal, great lyrics, great vocals, very disturbing in a way, it was a very bizarre time in my life, but… Just a great band, just really good music, that’s why I’ve chosen this one.

AB:  Okay, here’s Hack with “Mud”.

Song:  Hack – Mud
Song:  Wesley Willis – Suck A Snow Leopard’s Dick

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, with Raw Sex and Colostomy Bag Lady – tell us about that…rather unique track…

RS:  Well that was of course the great Wesley Willis, the great late Wesley Willis who sadly passed away about two weeks ago in Chicago to a form of cancer, I think it was cancer of the bone marrow or something.  When he wrote his songs, he wrote his happy songs or his ‘joyride’ songs, when the demons weren’t speaking to him…  but when he wrote his songs like that <ie the one just played> , that would be when his demons… because he was like a schizophrenic.  So that would be like a ‘hellride’ song, and he has other songs that are really happy, and he sings about his friends.  So that’s just one of Wesley’s songs.

AB:  Next up we’re playing Ultravox… tell us about Ultravox.

CBL:  Ultravox, I suppose most people would probably think of the later version of Ultravox, with a guy called Midge Ure singing, “Vienna”, “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes”, really rubbishy.  This is the early version of Ultravox, with a guy called John Fox singing lead vocals, I think they did about three or so albums before they went all commercial, so this is one of their earlier songs.  They were a band that I really liked, really got into years and years ago, and it was a bit of a shame to see that they went all commercial.  They just weren’t the band that they used to be, but this is their early stuff, and it’s really good.

AB:  Okay, let’s hear “I Want To Be A Machine”.

Song:  Ultravox – I Want To Be A Machine
Song:  Colostomy Bag Lady – Dino’s Skin Problem

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, you’re here with Raw Sex and Colostomy Bag Lady programming the show.  We just heard… a Colostomy Bag Lady track.

CBL:  Yep, “Dino’s Skin Problem”.  That’s the first ever Colostomy Bag Lady tune that I constructed.  It’s named after Dino Sachs, the drummer in The Murder Junkies, G. G. Allin’s backing band.  He used to play drums in the nude because he reckons that clothes would sort of chafe his skin, so I was a bit concerned about Dino so I named the song after him…so… poor old Dino!  <laughs>

AB:  Speaking which we’re going to play some G. G. Allin now.  Tell us about this track and why you picked it.

RS:  I picked this song, “Sluts In The City” because I find it quite humorous actually, it’s a great song.  Most of G. G. Allin’s stuff is great riffs, great sort of easy rock, toe-tapping stuff, it’s just good tunes, really easy to get into.  But this has got some great female backing vocals, and whether it’s meant to be or not I don’t know but I find it humorous when the girls come in and do their bit, and it’s a great song.

Song:  G. G. Allin and The Murder Junkies – Sluts In The City
Song:  The Drones - <unannounced track>

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, we’re here with Raw Sex and Colostomy Bag Lady and… we just heard The Drones.  I’ve never heard of The Drones, tell me about them.

CBL:  The Drones, I first heard them a very long time ago when I started to get into the early punk music coming out of England, and a lot of people probably wouldn’t have heard of them.  They only had one album out, which as since been re-released on CD, but they were just a band that were around at the time of the Sex Pistols, The Clash, 999, all those sort of bands.  I thought they were worth having a listen to, because I thought that the album “Further Temptations” was just a brilliant album and a lot of people wouldn’t have heard it, so that’s why I chose it.

AB:  Next up we’ve got some stuff from a compilation called “Waste Sausage”.  This looks like it’s come out on Red Eye Records, tell us a bit about this compilation and what it’s all about.

RS:  It’s a compilation that was put out in Sydney in 1987, and it’s a bunch of bands and people that would – a lot of them who would never make it to vinyl.  Lachlan McLeod was the brains behind this, and he recorded some stuff, and certain bands that were around Sydney and Adelaide and Melbourne at the time that probably wouldn’t have got offered record exposure, he got them on this album.  It’s got some good stuff, it’s got a hell of a variety of stuff, and it represent a sort of a slice of Australian music history, very underground stuff, none of it you’re going to hear on the opposition of course, but you wouldn’t want to!

AB:  Well we’re going to hear three tracks on this compilation, Toe with “I’m Pregnant”, Grong Grong with “Japanese Train Driver”, and Thug with “Fuck Your Dad”.

Song:  Toe – I’m Pregnant
Song:  Grong Grong – Japanese Train Driver
Song:  Thug – Fuck Your Dad
Song:  The Depressions – Playing My Guitar

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, you’ve just heard The Depressions, that was a Colostomy Bag Lady pick, so tell us about that one.

CBL:  The Depressions, yeah – a very strange one, that’s an album I picked up years and years ago for about 99 cents down at a Glenelg record store and just bought it purely for the cover, just bizarre, pretty funny, it’s got some pretty funny song titles like “Sniffin’ Glue”, “Down the Roxy”, “FU2”, stuff like that.  Apparently they were supposedly a blues band that tried to cash in on the punk scene years and years ago when punk first started so I thought I’d play that one because it’s one of my favourites, and it was pretty funny as well.

AB:  What was actually on the cover?

CBL:  On the cover was just a picture of some English bikies, with sort of the Nazi helmets on and the leathers, I just found it amusing, and it was just impulse buying, I just thought it was pretty funny.

AB:  Okay next up is a Raw Sex pick, this is Edith Massey.  Who is this person?

RS:  Well Edith Massey is… well #1 she’s the mother of Divine, the world’s most beautiful woman and she’s also the Egg Lady.  And this is her version…

AB:  Who is the Egg Lady?

RS:  The Egg Lady is the mother of Divine, who lives in a cot, and eats eggs all day.  That’s all she does is eat eggs, and she gets worried when she has concerns about whether there’ll be enough chickens, to lay eggs, and she falls in love and marries the Egg Man.  And for their honeymoon, he puts her in a wheelbarrow and he wheelbarrows off to the biggest poultry farm on the east coast of the USA, and this is her version of “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, and…

AB:  Is this from a movie?

RS:  This is from a movie – “Pink Flamingoes”, which is a classic, classic movie.

Song:  Edith Massey – Big Girls Don’t Cry
Song:  Raw Sex – Why Do Winos Smell?

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, the time is… well actually I don’t know what the time is because I’m pre-recording this, but it’s probably about one o-clock or so, I don’t know, whatever…

CBL <laughs>

AB:  I’m just in the habit of saying the time all the time!  We just heard Raw Sex, a piece called “Why Do Winos Smell?”, and… why do winos smell?

RS:  Well, they used to smell a lot when they used to live next door to me, because I used to live in a house, I had a neighbour of course, and the actual house was bought by some charitable and state-government organisations.  So a lot of homeless chaps used to go to this house next door to me.  They’d go there for health reasons, they used to smell a lot, and…

CBL:  <laughs>

RS:  …I used to smell them over the fence!  So, why they smelt, I don’t know, but I suspect it’s the lifestyle they chose!

CBL:  Because they don’t wash! <laughter all round>

RS:  Yeah… they stunk!  <more laughter from everyone>

AB:  Alright, now the next one, I’ll leave you to tell us all about this one, because I’m lost for words…

CBL:  Yeah, it’s just a… Superstars of Wrestling album, which is a compilation album I picked up a while back… It’s got some great tracks on it, this one’s a wrestler by the name of Hacksaw Jim Duggan doing a song called “U.S.A.” –  I find wrestling is pretty funny stuff to watch, and I think the music’s even funnier, so… I hope you appreciate it, because I think it’s pretty funny.

Song:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan – U.S.A.
Song:  Captain Spud – Spooky Shuffle

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, Raw Sex and Colostomy Bag Lady picking the tracks – that was Captain Spud.  Tell us about Captain Spud and his story.

RS:  I actually don’t know too much about Captain Spud, but Captain Spud sent me that song on a compilation of various other songs, a CD compilation by other artists, but that song is by Captain Spud.  All I can say is that I’m quite positive that Captain Spud has been around in the Adelaide music scene for many years, and will be in the future, and it’s a great song.  It’s called “Spooky Shuffle”, and if you actually listen to it, it is quite spooky, you know, it’s got a great atmosphere to it, and think we can only hope to hear more great things from Captain Spud.

AB:  Next up we’re playing Devo – “Secret Agent Man”.  I remember seeing this song on Rage many years ago, and going “oh my god, what is this poo”, but anyway eventually I grew to like it, but anyway, tell us about this…

CBL:  Yeah, Devo’s another favourite of mine, I sort of grew up listening to Devo.  I remember years and years ago buying their first album “Are We Not Men, We Are Devo” and I loved it.  At the time I was listening to stuff like The Ramones, Dead Boys, some pretty gutsy sort of punk stuff, and Devo is just… crazy sort of stuff, and I just love it.

Song:  Devo – Secret Agent Man
Song:  Mr. Methane – It’s Flatulation

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point… what else... on 3D Radio 93.7FM, we’re here with Colostomy Bag Lady and Raw Sex, that was a guy called Mr. Methane, and you’ve got to tell me about this guy!

RS:  Well what more can be said, Mr. Methane is a superhero of our times!  He’s from England, and he’s got the incredible ability to draw air into his lower orifice, and then expel it at will, and obviously he’s got a great sense of humour, and he’s great, he rocks, and he does what he does best, and that’s farting!  <laughter all round – note: this is a reference to the lyrics in a song played earlier in the night, Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s “U.S.A.” which contains the memorable line “I do what Hacksaw Jim Duggan does best, and that’s ‘beat people up!’”>

AB:  Not “beating people up”, like….

RS:  That’s it, he doesn’t go around saying “look at me, I’m a pretty boy”, he goes around and farts, and puts records out, and people buy it – should be more!

AB:  Next up we’ve got Fear and Loathing.  Tell us about Fear and Loathing.  We’ve got a couple of Fear and Loathing tracks, so…

CBL:  Yeah, Fear and Loathing, I really like this track.  I think Fear and Loathing are one of Adelaide’s greatest bands, very underrated.  They’ve been going for years and years, and I had the pleasure to play drums with them for six months or so many years ago, and it was a lot of fun.  They’re a great bunch of guys, and I always like seeing them live, and they’ve got tons of material out there, and yeah – they rock!

Song:  Fear and Loathing – Big Black Swan Thing
Song:  Fear and Loathing – Brutal

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, we’ve just had a couple Fear and Loathing tracks there.  First one was “Big Black Swan Thing” and the last one was “Brutal”.  What are the line-up differences there, because it sounds like a different singer and so forth…

CBL:  I’ve got no idea… Raw Sex?

RS:  It was Harry on the first one…

CBL:  Yeah, I think Harry Butler was singing on the first one, but yeah it was a bit distorted that second track…

RS:  Was that Jess singing?  I’ve just got a little…

CBL:  I think we’ll have to investigate this at some later stage!

RS:  Is it Jess doing vocals?

CBL:  Oh, we’ve got no idea, we’ve got no idea…

RS:  You see that’s the thing, Fear and Loathing isn’t an individual thing, it’s a movement.  If someone’s singing or someone else is singing, their name isn’t that important, it’s just that they’re part of Fear and Loathing, which is bloody fantastic.

CBL:  They’ve gone through a few singers though, haven’t they… the band itself has stayed pretty much the same I think for the last few years, it’s just the vocalists who have changed.  I’ve heard that at one stage, Raw Sex was in the running to be lead singer of Fear and Loathing…?

RS:  I’m not aware of that but you told me that some time ago, and….

CBL:  Yes that’s very interesting, yes…

RS:  …but they’ve helped me drink a lot of beer at a lot of gigs…

CBL:  …and so they should, yes…

RS:  …bloody fantastic band.  I remember Kami saying once on Funhouse, he quoted them as “unfashionable – long may they reign”, and that’s just so great.  For years you see all these bloody so-called punk people and they wouldn’t appreciate Fear and Loathing because they might have long hair or not wear leather jackets, or whatever… it’s just the music, it’s fantastic, it rocks.

AB:  Next up we’ve got something called Human Crash.  Now what’s the story with Human Crash?

CBL:  Human Crash was a band that was around, in the early 80’s.  I was in it for a little while, had Harry Butler playing Guitar, Andrew Cappo on vocals, Tracy Skep on bass, and yeah they were a pretty good band, and…

RS:  Don’t forget the roadie…

CBL:  The roadie was Raw Sex himself, he supplied the band with lots of lovely cool beverages to drink, and they were around for a while, it’s all a bit blurry now, but they were a pretty good band and played around the local pubs… this song’s called “Factory Noises”.

Song:  Human Crash – Factory Noises
Song:  Colostomy Bag Lady – Where’s My Ointment?

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, you’re here with Raw Sex and Colostomy Bag Lady.  You just heard Colostomy Bag Lady – a piece called “Where’s My Ointment?”.

CBL:  Yes, “Where’s My Ointment?” indeed.  Just a song about where I misplaced my ointment.  Had a bit of trouble with <not sure what this word is> lately, so I had to go down to the chemist and get some ointment, and I misplaced it, so basically I wrote a song about it, so there you go.

AB:  Did the ointment eventually surface?

CBL:  Yes, I did find it in the end, and I applied it liberally to my <that word again>-infected areas, and it came up a real treat.

AB:  Next up is Fats Waller.

RS:  Fats Waller, he’s fantastic.  He’s not only an absolutely fantastic wizard on the piano, he’s got a really good sense of humour.  Although this song “ain’t misbehaving” is probably not exactly the happiest song, a lot of his other stuff is, but this is such a great song, fantastic tune and riff, and he just tells a story, he’s just a great storyteller.

Song:  Fats Waller – Ain’t Misbehaving
Song:  Sultans Of Ping F. C. – Where’s Me Jumper?

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, here with Colostomy Bag Lady and Raw Sex picking songs and playing them.  We just heard… who was that?

CBL:  Sultans of Ping F.C. and a song called “Where’s Me Jumper”?  I don’t really know much about this band, I think they’re from Ireland, as far as I know that‘s the only CD they released.  I picked it up cheap a couple of years ago after hearing that “Where’s Me Jumper?” song on the radio, and I really liked it.  I can sort of identify with losing a bit of clothing and getting a bit agitated, so I really like the song.

AB:  Next up we’re playing Johnny Cash.

RS:  We are.

AB:  The late Johnny Cash.

RS:  Yeah.  This is a song called “The Night Hank Williams Came To Town”.  I really like this song because it sort of shows how humble Johnny Cash is, or was, because there’s “The Great” Johnny Cash, and he’s singing about the effect another performer has on this small town when he comes.  I’m sure there are a lot of people who have sung songs about Johnny Cash, but to me it’s just a great song, and it’s just Johnny Cash rockin’.

Song:  Johnny Cash – The Night Hank Williams Came To Town
Song:  Raw Sex – Dirt
Song:  Colostomy Bag Lady – Ugly Baby

AB:  You’re listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, that was… after Johnny Cash there was Raw Sex with “Dirt” from Raw Sex Explores Australian Culture, and Colostomy Bag Lady with “Ugly Baby” from something that’s probably going to be released soon but isn’t yet… this is the end of the show, thanks guys for coming in…

CBL:  Thank you!

RS:  Thanks for having us!

AB:  …and we’re leaving with Elvis.

RS:  The King.

AB:  Yes, the King…”Steamroller Blues”, from the Alternate…

RS:  The Alternative Aloha.  Apparently when he did his Live from Hawaii, which was the biggest ever TV thing of all time, this was the full dress-rehearsal the night before, and it was just in case there was a blackout or a malfunction.

Song:  Elvis Presley – Steamroller Blues

End of interview.

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