Interview with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater, 26-27 August 2004 on The Vanishing Point radio program.

The Vanishing Point - 3D Radio 93.7FM, 11pm Tuesday to 1am Wednesday, Adelaide, Australia


Alan Bindig (DJ)
S. Seal
R. Razor-Eater

Song:  Wesley Willis - I Killed Your Daddy Yesterday

Alan Bindig:  Good evening and welcome to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  Tonight I'm here with some very special guests - we have S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater here.  Hi guys!

R. Razor-Eater:  Hello.

S. Seal:  Hello!

AB:  ...and they are our guest programmers for tonight on the show, so thanks for being with us, and they're going to be picking the tracks.  Now before we talk about what we just played, we should talk about what actually brought you down.

RR:  We're here for the underground Raw Sex promotional tour....

SS:  We're doing a small collaboration with Raw Sex.

RR:  ...and we'll be out of town before anyone can find us.

AB:  [laughs]  So can you tell us more about exactly what this collaboration is, or...

RR:  Basically just disorganised mayhem around town, and adding to the huge repetiore that Mr. Sex already extinguishes himself on the public with!

AB:  He does have quite a large catalogue, Mr. Sex.

RR:  Yes he does.

AB:  Anyway, we should play some Raw Sex, but first we'll talk about Wesley.  Wesley Willis opened up the show, what can you tell us about Wesley Willis?

RR:  Raw Sex is a big devotee of Wesley.  His toilet is shrined with covers....

AB:  Really?

RR:  That's where he does most of his thinking.  People have shrines, people have gods...

SS:  Raw Sex has both!

RR:'s his most sacred spot!  He bought the house for the toilet.  Well, he would have bought it, but it was a two-toilet house.  But now there's only one.   One that *we* are permitted to be in, the other is so secret, no-one has ever been in there!

SS:  It's known as "The Wesley Room".

AB:  [laughs]  We're gonna play some Raw Sex now, for those very few listeners who are uninitiated in the ways of Raw Sex.

RR:  That's good.

AB  This song's called "Beer + Fish Lord".

RR:  Yeah, and you don't want to have to steal this copy from your granny.  So get your own!

AB:  This is on the debut album "This Is...Raw Sex".

RR:  With the scratch-and-smell cover.

AB:  Okay, here it is.

RR:  Thank you.

Song:  Raw Sex - Beer + Fish Lord
Song:  Human Crash - Cappo's Fashion Commentary/Boston Babies

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  We just heard Human Crash, "Cappo's Fashion Commentary" and "Boston Babies", tell us about Human Crash.

SS:  Human Crash were around in the 80s and one of the band members, Mr. Cappo a.k.a. "Fish Lord" has provided a lot of inspiration to Raw Sex over the years.  Primarily this is related to his various extensive list of ailments relating to the anus, and various lumps and pustules that Raw Sex has been fortunate enough to experience during his time with the Fish Lord.

RR:  Amen!

AB:  So Human Crash, they were from Darwin?

SS:  No, they were an Adelaide band.

AB:  So people in Adelaide, they should know Human Crash?

SS:  Oh, most definitely.

AB:  So if you don't know Human Crash, really where have you been.....

SS:  That's exactly right.  The Fish Lord has since moved to the Northern Territory, to partake in his favourite pastime, which is apart from listening to Raw Sex CDs, is fishing, hence the name "Fish Lord".  And stuffing fish - he stuffs fish.

RR:  But in a sexual way.

AB:  Let's not go there!  Now next up we're playing Spring Rolls.  Tell us about Spring Rolls.

SS:  Spring Rolls is another Darwin connection.  Spring Rolls formed when I inadvertently made a very very bad batch of spring rolls and took them to my neighbours who had traveled to the north from Adelaide, and as they were jamming - jamming really consisted of making as much noise as possible - decided that would be an appropriate name for their band.  Spring Rolls has had a number of members and it evolved over time, to produce music that mostly just pissed off people in Darwin, so therefore we thought it was fairly fantastic.

AB:  I heard that there were even riots at certain Spring Rolls gigs?

SS:  Yes, a few of the songs did upset some of the more hairy members of the female population in the Northern Territory, yes.  That was at a peace concert, and that was the last thing on their minds.

AB:  So rioting at a peace concert.

SS:  That's right.

AB:  Who would've thought?

SS:  That's exactly right.  And I think that's pretty much was the pinnacle of Spring Rolls' musical career.

AB:  There you go.  So we're going to hear a Spring Rolls track, this is "Henry Street", this is a live recording?

SS:  Probably, because they didn't do any studio recordings, but Henry Street was the Spring Rolls' "melting pot" where most of the musical genius of Spring Rolls was created.

AB:  Okay, here it is.

Song:  Spring Rolls - Henry Street
Song:  Spinnerets - Helloween

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater our guest programmers tonight, picking the songs for us to hear.  We heard Spring Rolls and Spinnerets there.  First, you wanted to say something about Spring Rolls?

RR:  If you're ever in Darwin, opposite the Nightcliffe [transcriber's note: not sure of spelling] Markets next to the RSPCA op-shop, "The Spring Rolls" is written on the wall, untouched, un-graffitied-over, a living testament to those pioneers.  And on behalf of the Fish Lord, that's a "two flush" rating.  [R. Razor-Eater generates two toilet flushes from a battery-powered mini toilet]

AB:  Very good, that's a community service announcement by R. Razor Eater!  Now Spinerrets - S. Seal, you were actually in Spinerrets?

SS:  Yes, a long time ago.  The Spinnerets started out of pure boredom  of having really crap cover bands come to Darwin and that was our entertainment, and we thought "well, bugger listening to covers of Jimmy Barnes and stuff like that" so we decided to - even though all of us were completely musically untalented - decided "well, we can do this" and so Spinnerets was formed.  It was an all-girl band, but on that particular track that we just heard there was a very special event at the Nightcliffe Hotel - which is now a yuppie bar, but at the time it had a big mesh screen to collect the cans that were thrown at you from the audience - this particular feature at this concert, if you can  call it that, was a guest appearance by none other than Raw Sex himself!  This was pre-Raw Sex days, however because we were a girl band, and promoted as such, Raw Sex has to dress up in a nice frock, and did a special guitar routine on that song for Spinnerets.  Big event.

AB:  And I heard a disturbing rumour about the singer?

SS:  Ah, yes yes, the singer from Spinnerets....

AB:  Who is not you, we should point out....

SS:  No no, definitely not me.... thought she may have a career in singing after Spinnerets, and subsequenty moved to Sydney and received voice training from none other than Kate Ceberano, who, I have been told, is also a Raw Sex fan, so there's that link again!

AB:  It's just spooky!

SS:  It is!  Very spooky!

AB:  Raw Sex unites musicians from all over Australia.

SS:  That's right - and perhaps internationally in the future!

RR:  Across barriers, across cultures, across the bathroom.

SS:  Across borders.

AB:  Okay, next up we are hearing some stuff from Pink Flamingos.  Now I don't actually know what is going to be played, this is a mystery bag.

SS:  That's just chosen because it's actually a favourite of my grandmother's, it's one of those films she's always pushed on us as children, and out of respect for my grandmother, I thought we might choose a track from Pink Flamingos.

AB:  Here it is.

Song:  Unknown song from Pink Flamingos sountrack
Song:  Womnal - Cum Well Hung

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater who are our guests tonight, picking the songs for us to hear.  That was a group called Womnal.  Tell us about Womnal, I've got no idea about this group, never heard of them before.

SS:  Womnal are a Melbourne band, and we chose that particular song, or that band to play just out of recognition of a good friend of our who was one of the drummers in that band.  They had two drummers, multiple bass players, cello players, a very interesting band.  Still around.

AB:  When was this CD?

SS:  You'd have to check the cover there - no idea.  But their albums are still available.  Had to do a lot of pushing lately, so the mind's not quite what it used to be.

AB:  Now apparently there's a connection between that and the next thing we're about to hear?

RR:  It's the drummer - the one drummer....Spike.

SS:  One of the drummers, yeah.

RR:  He moved onto Scourge, another Melbourne group, and this song is Toesucker, which is about Gary Coleman.

AB:  Really?

RR:  He had a sexual fetish of sucking people's toes.

AB:  I heard that he was a very strange guy, I heard some interesting things about Gary, but we probably shouldn't talk about those.

RR:  That's okay, he knows! [laughs]

AB:  Okay, well here's Scourge, with "Toesucker".

Song:  Scourge - Toesucker
Song:  G. G. Allin - Bad Habits

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point - what else could you be listening to but The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM,  S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater are here in the studio with me and are playing the tracks, that was G.G. Allin.

RR:  Who you'll all know.

AB:  Oh yes, everyone knows G.G.  Now you're big G.G. fan naturally, tell us about G.G.'s appeal.

RR:  Well, once we were here ten or so years ago at the Crown and Anchor, and the cry went up "did somebody say G.G.Allin?" and things turned nasty.  It wasn't him, but the spirit was there.  G.G. was there.

SS:  And we were also fortunate enough to visit G.G. Towers, which is in central Adelaide I believe, and also got to actually touch the G.G. buttplugs, which are these monuments that are lining the sides of the streets of this fair city, shaped pretty much like a buttplug.

AB:  Where exactly are these...?

SS:  Oh god, I don't know!  Somewhere in town!  [laughs]  I just drive around blind, no idea where I am most of the time.

AB:  G.G. Towers, that's a story worth sharing probably.

RR:  Well, Raw Sex was showing us the proposed itinerary when G.G. was meant to come over, and he taked to Merle about it, he doesnt want to know any more about Adelaide!  But... G.G. was going to visit, it would have been Adelaide...

SS:  ...and he would have stayed at G.G. Towers which are also rather buttplug shaped, hence his choice.

AB:  Yes, I've actually seen G.G.Towers, and their distinctive colouration.

RR:  And apparently the government now is taking a keen interest in that album "Rock and Roll Terrorist", because of their fears....

AB:  ...because it's got the word "terrorist" on it?

RR:  Yeah, their subliminal fears that there's a message out there for people.

SS:  It's no longer played on airlines.  Just in case it encourages people.  It used to be one of the tracks that [famous airline] played, not the track we just heard, but the next one.  One of the songs that you'd regularly hear on the airways.

AB:  Okay, well....

SS:  We did actually have a chat to Merle on a previous visit to Adelaide, Raw Sex just happened to have his phone number...

AB:  Merle Allin, G.G.'s brother...

SS:  ...and this is after that unfortunate day when G.G. passed, and so we spoke to Merle, and we can quite honestly say that he's.... how would you describe it... fairly creepy, on the phone!  [laughs]  Yes, wanted to know all sorts of weird and wonderful things, and was quickly passed on to the next person - I had no interest in talking to Merle about his fantasies.

RR:  But Merle was.

SS:  Yes, Merle was very interested in talking about his fantasties!

RR:  And again, in Raw Sex's shrine, there's a special spot for G.G.

SS:  Yes, G.G. is lord after all.

RR and SS together:  Elvis Presley my be King, but G.G. Allin is God!

AB:  And with that, lets hear this next track.  This is "Sluts In The City".  This is a bit of a favourite track.

SS:  Yeah, particularly with air hostesses.

AB:  Okay, here we go.

Song:  G. G. Allin - Sluts In The City
Song:  Colostomy Bag Lady - Where's My Ointment

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, we're here with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater, they're playing the tracks - you just heard Colostomy Bag Lady.

SS:  ....and "Where's My Ointment".  We chose that one, coming from the northern clime, often you are in search of your ointment, particularly for tropical groin fungus, that's a very common ailment.

RR:  That sticky rash that....

SS:  ...just never seems to go away!  And also, it kind of brings back a few memories from a long time ago, when Faulding Toilet Lanolin was a bit of a must-have item on our grocery list ever week, and there's actually a good friend of Raw Sex's, a gentleman by the name of Larry Trousers.  He once wrote to Faulding Pharmaceuticals, just commending them on their product, and just asking them if they perhaps had some free samples to send him and perhaps wallpapers, tea towels, sunglasses, anything like that....

RR:  Stubbie collars....

SS:  Yes, any sort of promotional products... [laughs] .... Mr. Trousers did get a reply from Faulding Pharmaceuticals, addressed to "Mr. Larry Trousers", and "Dear Mr Trousers...", thanking him for his interest in the product, but unfortunately they were not able to provide promotional material at that time.  So as a result, Mr. Trousers finished his long liaison with Faulding Pharmaceuticals.

RR:  But don't give up on your funguses.

SS:  There's a lot of room to move with tropical groin fungus.

RR:  As the Fish Lord knows.

SS:  Yes.

AB:  Next up we're going to hear Bow Wow Wow.

RR:  This song's taking a popular resurgence, due to the re-release of some of their video stuff on a compilation of so-called punk DVD that's just come out, of course, with the big DVD releasing.  It's got a really warm spot for our mate Spike.

SS:  So we've adopted this particular track as a foolproof, failsafe, if there is such a thing, approach to driving in city traffic.  Just go "see 30, see 60 see 90, go!"  It works every time.

RR:  Across four lanes, no problems.

AB:  Why is there "anda" instead of "go" on the thing here....

SS:  Oh, who knows.  [transcriber's note - this was actually the Spanish language version of the song, as the team found out later]

AB:  Well we'll hear Bow Wow Wow, and "C-30, C60, C90, Anda!"

RR:  And that's all about pirate cassette taping.  For those who remember cassettes and vinyl.

SS:  And I'm sure some of you out there do actually have a couple of C-30s in your cupboard somwhere.

AB:  And just as a side note, listeners who are into that sort of thing might wish to know that today's Vanishing Point is actually a pre-record, and it's on cassette, and if you listen really closely now, before I play this song, it's actually on the next cassette, so you actually hear me changing the cassettes over.  So that should get you in the mood for Bow Wow Wow and their revolutionary cassette taping subversive message.

RR:  And don't let anyone here tell you that the music doesn't come from the bowels of the past!

AB:  Indeed!  Okay, here it is.

Song:  Bow Wow Wow - C-30, C-60, C-90 Anda!
Song:  L7 - Shitlist

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, the time is... I don't know what hte time is!  I usually announce the time when I'm doing the show....

RR:  It's getting late!

SS:  It's five past five!  [laughs]

AB:  Well this is pre-recorded, so... whatever!  with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater, they are picking the songs, that was L7.

RR:  A great driving song, just something to fire you all up.  Even if you're not driving.

SS:  And also because Raw Sex has an excellent shitlist.

AB:  He does?

SS:  Yep.

RR:  In his inner sanctum...

SS:  ...very few people get to go in there...

RR:  ...if he ever gets out of his recording studio and ventures onto the web, maybe his webcam will show you.  He had a friend who used to work with clear poly resins, and cast him a clear perspex toilet.  With an s-bend, and you can connect your video camera up to the s-bend for full motion shots!  But whether or not he ever gets it out there on the web....

SS:  Sphincter dilation, here we come!

RR:  It's a medical masterpiece.  Recommended as a training guide for proctologists.

SS:  A medical minefield!

AB:  Well there are many things out on the web, so I'm sure there's something of that nature.  I've heard about that sort of thing happening covertly.

RR:  Yes, a lot of stuff from the Carribean, and places like that.  Underground sort of stuff you hear about, taken over from where supposed snuff movies came from, but that's old hat now, because people are into clear toilets.

AB:  Um, speaking of which...[laughter all round] ...I can't really tie that into the next thing I'm going to play at all, actually!

RR:  No!

AB:  Well the next thing you've picked is Killing Joke, so tell us about Killing Joke, and why you picked this song, and blah blah.

SS:  Uh, just cos we like it!

AB:  That's a good reason!

SS:  Simple as that.  Actually, yesterday, happened to listen to this album....

RR:  ...we're a little bit behind up north...

SS:  ..and thought "mmm, not a bad song", so we just thought "a bit of Killing Joke".  They were in Australia recently-ish.... yes, a lot of stories about them, just as a bit of an interlude before we get back into the really good stuff.... Killing Joke!

Song:  Killing Joke - The Death and Ressurection Show
Song:  Plonker - Berrimah SS

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  We're here with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater, they are programming the show, we just heard Plonker.  Who are Plonker?

RR:  They're from Darwin, not-so-old guys playing hardcore, early-type punk.  Recently launched to stardom maybe by another alternative youth network radio station, who picked it up and have taken it out of Darwin for the rest of the country to hear.  Good luck to them!

AB:  Cool.  So, you know these people?  Because you two are from Darwin as well, I neglected to mention that.

RR:  Not officially.

SS: We don't know them, but we know of them, and that particular track, "Berrimah SS", is referring to the Peter MacAuley Centre, which is the central headquarters for the local constabulary in Darwin, and that kind of tied us into the next song we're going to play which is "Kiddie Torture", by Bonsai Kitten.  The police up there, they're pretty good really as far as police go!  [laughs]  By anyway....

RR:  We'll leave it at that.

SS:  Kiddie torture.

Song:  Bonsai Kitten - Kiddie Torture
Song:  Burgeoning Sphincter - Three Blind Mice

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM.  S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater in the studio, our guest programmers for tonight, that was Burgeoning Sphincter we just heard.

RR:  And that little dedication goes out to our Olympic weightlifting team tonight.  Go for gold guys, but - when you look at that cover, that's what happens when you push just that little bit too hard.

AB:  Indeed!  And that song featured Raw Sex too, doing vocals.  Next, we've got the New Age Orgasm compilation.  The first one is by Alain Prostitute, who's that?

SS:  Goodness, I don't know!  I chose that song because many years ago when we were visitnig Raw Sex, e showed us a video of really bad bands, and Alain Prostitute featured, and he was singing a song, actually doing a cover of AC/DC, "High Voltage Rock and Roll", and they did it so badly that we instantly lliked them.  Having not heard this particular track before, we are hoping it will be of equal quality.  We'll have to listen and see!

Song:  Alain Prostitute - Quickie
Song:  Ann North - Here's Humphrey

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater are programming the show.  That song really needs no explanation, does it?

SS:  Well, just the reason why it was chosen, was a little anthem for our toilet frog, G.T. the green tree frog.  Actually, G.T. is pretty famous these days, you see him in all sorts of things, Stinky Toyota put out their own G.T., as a robot, but G.T. is the original, and that's a little tune we sing, when we're going to download on the porcelain computer.  Here's Humphrey, and G.T. moves!

RR:  Yeah, cos he knows what's coming.  And it's all good.

AB:  Next up, Pecker Snot, from the Smiley Mouse Studio Sampler CD, and a track called "Bagpipes Under Her Arm".  What could that be about?

SS:  Yes , just for those that have any musical inclination, there is a rather unique way of playing the cat bagpipes, and essentially you pick up the cat, and with its head under your arm, give it a nice hug.  Legs in the air, tail-in-mouth, and by alternating the pressure on the belly of the cat, as you're hugging it, because you love your cat, and gently biting the tail, you can actually produce a series of different notes and we have actually seen the cat bagpipes playing Mull of Kintyre very well.

RR:  Couldn't pick it from the original.

AB:  Well, here it is!

Song:  Pecker Snot - Bagpipes Under Her Arm
Song:  Spring Rolls - No Nudes

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, we're here with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater who are programming the show tonight.  That was Spring Rolls and "No Nudes".

RR:  An that is a special three-flush [flushes portable toilet three times] just to show our feeling and committment to that.  Casuarina Nude Beach up in Darwin is still going, although mainly it's lonely old men that walk up to you and say "have you got a watch?" or "do you have the time?" or "are you here by yourself?" when you're lying nude on the beach.  Still, if that's your bag, you know where to go!

SS:  Yeah - to hell!  The Northern Territory Anti-Nudist Association was founded by none other than Raw Sex and the fatty Bumclock, and many moons ago there was an article in the Northern Territory News which is the local newspaper for the Northern Territory obviously, and the article espoused the virtues and benefits of not being nude, and from there the ripple has been taken up right across the Northern Territory, the Anti-Nudist Association now has... I think we're up to about 16,000 members.  They have a special outfit that you wear under your clothes, so that when it is shower time, because let's face it, in the Northern Territory we all get hot and stinky, that's how Tropical Groin Fungus develops, so you have these special outfit that the Anti-Nudist Association sells at a very cheap price, that you wear under your clothes, and....

RR:  This is an advertisement.

SS: when you undress, you're not nude - you still have this particular outfit on.  It comes in a range of colours of course, for those who are more fashion-conscious.

RR:  And on the Territory theme, another little gimmick that Mr. Raw Sex used to indulge in, is - at a friend's place, when you go to use the toilet, sit round the other way when you're doing a number two, and that leaves what he calls a huge "crocodile slide" down the basin for the next person to find.

AB:  Oh dear!  It's the experimental show alright!  [laughs]

RR:  Experiment with that!  [much laughter all round]

AB:  Next up, while keeping on the Anti-Nudist Association theme we have a song by Raw Sex himself called "Death Of A Nudist".  This is from his latest album It's Time For Water Closet Armageddon.

SS:  Death to all nudists.

AB:  Some people might be disturbed by the seeming incitement of violence toward nudists...?

SS:  It's unnatural!

RR:  And in winter they'll meet a cold death anyway!  [laughs]

AB:  Oh dear, I think I'll play the song before I get into any more trouble!  Here it is.

Song:  Raw Sex - Death Of A Nudist
Song:  Tick-Tock Speedy - Shit My Pants
Song:  Raw Sex - Diarrhoea In My Ear

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, the time is....

SS:  Let's guess!  12:30!

RR:  Still on the Faecal Fun Hour, we talk about stuff that other people don't talk about, even though they do it.

SS:  But I'm trying to get a message across here, that that last track or couple of tracks back "Shit My Pants" - well it's been a really long flight, we arrived in the limousine, the Andrew Newton Jarman limousine jsut came straight in and picked us up and seriously - I've shit my pants!

RR:  No holding back on this show!

SS:  Let me out!

RR:  We're locked in the bowels here!

SS:  It's really nasty too.

AB:  To clarify there we just heard Raw Sex and the track "Diarrhoea In My Ear", before then was Tick-Tock Speedy and "Shit My Pants".  Next up we're playing Captain Spud.

RR:  Here's a little homage to the Fish Lord.

SS:  And beer.

AB:  Yes... now you guys have also done a cover of this song, I believe.

RR:  Quite a few people have actually!

SS:  It's a very popular hit!

AB:  As people are probably aware, who are listening to the show, there is a Raw Sex Tribute Album in the works, and people from all over the country are being asked to submit stuff to the Raw Sex Tribute Album.

SS:  We're not talking samples here... biological samples....

AB:  We mean cover songs.  So step one, get a Raw Sex album, step two, listen to it, find your favourite song...

RR:  Don't be shy...

AB:  Do a cover, send it in, I'm actually doing the collecting on behalf of Raw Sex, as he does have his hands full at the moment with various other duties - so send your Raw Sex cover songs in to The Vanishing Point at 3D Radio, 48 Nelson Street Stepney 5069, and that's in the phone book if you missed it, and there's every chance you could be on the Raw Sex Tribute Album when it arises, which will probably be sometime next year.  So - yes, get into it!  Anyway Captain Spud, "Beer and Fish Lord", this is his version of Raw Sex's "Beer and Fish Lord" which you heard earlier in the show.

RR:  It's a big part of Territory life, it's probably the two biggest influences up there.

SS:  Beer, fish and domestic violence, is the other third aspect particularly related to the beer.  Not good, don't promote that at all....

RR:  But the beer and the Fish Lord we promote, not the violence.

AB:  Okay.  Here is a very non-violent "Beer and Fish Lord".

Song:  Captain Spud - Beer + Fish Lord
Song:  The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, the time is.... once again I'm telling you what the time is when I don't bloody well know....

RR:  Look at your watch!

SS:  Lazy bastards.

AB:  I'm here with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater, they are programming the show, and that was The Runaways, live.

RR:  Yes, many years ago with a very young Joan Jett there.  "Cherry Bomb".

SS:  An in our house, Cherry Bomb is a euphemism for "my roids are swollen and about to burst".

RR:  In that day though, it was probably about the habit of throwing fireworks down toilets and blowing them up.  Back to the toilet link again....

AB:  We never seem to get away from that, do we....

RR:  And before that was Captain Spud with his rather excellent version of "Fish Lord and Beer".

AB:  Indeed.

RR:  What more is there?

AB:  Next up, Black Belt Jones.

SS:  This song sixty dollars, sixty bucks..... "sixty bucks" is a bit American isn't it... sicty dollars... sixty quid?

RR:  Sixty euros!

AB:  I think he says sixty bucks in the song.... [transcriber's note - sixty dollars, actually]

SS:  That's about all the money we've got, so we thought that was an appropriate tune!

AB:  Well here it is, Black Belt Jones!

RR:  Thank you!

Song:  Black Belt Jones - $60
Song:  Koichi Oki - Light My Fire

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater are here, programming the show for us, that was a group called "Koichi Oki".

SS:  Itchy crotchy....

AB:  ...with "Light My Fire".

RR:  We're still in the bathroom.  And for all you blue-flamers out there we're continuing with that, we're also talking about the patron saint of blue-flaming, a certain Dr. Harry.  You often hear the cry "light 'em up Dr. Harry, light 'em up!".

SS:  To which he usually does as he's asked.

RR:  And following that, we've got The Residents, which is from probably 20 years ago from when they came out to tour a long time ago, and it's "Burning Love".  I was thinking of the curry version of "Burning Ring Of Fire"... that's the day after!

AB:  Okay, here we go with The Residents.

Song:  The Residents - Burning Love
Song:  Thug - Lost Fruit Bat

AB:  You're listening to The Vanishing Point on 3D Radio 93.7FM, we're here with S. Seal and R. Razor-Eater, they've been programming the show tonight.  That was Thug just then and "Lost Fruit Bat".

SS:  yeah that was just a little ode to all the poor little fruit bats that all the rednecks in the Northern Territory complain about because they shit everywhere, but you know, that's only because we've cleared all their habitat and they've got nowhere else to go, so that's just for the little fruit bats.

RR:  They're only doing their thing.

SS:  And faeces is good, you know, so....

RR:  Guano rocks!

AB:  Well it does fertilise the soil so....

SS:  That's right!  it's all part of that cycle.  It goes in, then it comes out.

AB:  Well thanks for coming in, and sharing your music and so forth with us.

RR and SS:  A great pleasure.

AB:  Good luck with the Raw Sex recording sessions, which I understand are happening a bit later tonight.

SS:  This evening yes!  We're going to get a little bit lubed up and go for it!

RR:  Ready to go!

[tanscriber's note: later that night, S. Seal and R. Razor Eater did indeed relocate to Raw Sex's private recording studio where they cut vocal and keyboard tracks for "Four Elements", "Odour In The Air", "S-Bend Horror", "I Am Mucous Lord" and "Tribute to Dr. Satan", all of which can be found on the Raw Sex album "Real Men Have Guts".]

AB:  Okay!  And you've picked for us to head out with tonight a Raw Sex song called "Don't Breed" from the album "Rock and Roll Sex Bomb".

RR:  This is just a little incentive there for anyone who's getting that itching in their loins and thinking "it's time" - remember, you don't have to breed.  If the urge gets too great, just step outside and slam your cock in a car door.  It soon passes!  [much laughter all round]

AB:  Speaking from experience in this area?

RR:  Very much so!  But once the bruising goes down, the pain is still there!  [more laughter]

AB:  And I should mention that Rock and Roll Sex Bomb - this is actually S. Seal on the front here.

SS:  Yes.  That's in my younger years, things have drooped somewhat since then, for those of you who have seen the cover there.

RR:  It's just the transvestite prostitute look.  Stripper look - very popular.

AB:  Okay.  We'll leave it there and thanks for coming in guys, and this is Raw Sex with "Don't Breed" from "Rock and Roll Sex Bomb" - I'll be back next week with the usual Vanishing Point show, so until then goodnight.

RR:  Goodnight.  Sweet dreams!  [flushes portable toilet twice]

Song:  Raw Sex - Don't Breed

End of interview.

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