Rip It Up Issue 749 October 16 2003

by Rob Lyon

One of Adelaide's hidden secrets is Chastity Records run by Alan Bindig.  Chastity Records
released its first CD in 1994 and I had a quick catch up via e-mail with Alan to get all the low-
down about the record label.  To start with, how did Chastity Records get started?

Alan Bindig:  Chastity Records is just a label that I started by myself to release things of my
own; plus other peoples' projects that I'm involved in, or just anything else that I happen to like
that hasn't already found its way onto CD by any other means.  Including the new CDs that
have just come out, the label has 34 releases at present.

RL:  What sort of artists are on the label and what style of music do they span?

AB:  The artists that are currently operating and are recording, or have recently recorded for,
or are strongly affiliated with Chastity Records include Black Belt Jones (stoner rock),
Bonsai Kitten (extreme electronic noise terror), Colostomy Bag Lady ('80s beats and weird
vocals and hard to describe), Isomer (dark ambient), k.l. murder (industrial noise), Raw Sex
(I really don't know what to say about this one), The Spinning Room (experimental weird
techno) and Trepanning (psychedelic guitar noise).

RL:  I was quite amazed by the amount of talent and the wide range of influences covered.
I asked Alan whether Chastity Records is Adelaide's hidden secret and why the music world
hasn't heard much about them?

AB:  I wasn't actually aware of any mystique surrounding my label ... if people haven't heard of
it, it's probably because it's taken quite some time to get people in my corner who are willing
to handle distribution - something I'm notoriously poor at doing on my own.  Hopefully with our
current affiliation with E.C. Productions, this will raise the profile of the artists on the label and
make people aware of our existence.  There hasn't been any deliberate cultivated mystique
as such.

RL:  For those who are curious about this style of music there is a radio program on Three D
called The Vanishing Point.  I asked Alan to tell me a little more about the program.

AB:  I started doing The Vanishing Point in 1997.  I don't really think of it as mine because the
show existed before I became involved.  I originally was doing it with another guy who had
been doing it for a long time before me, but I think he eventually lost interest or simply had
other things to do.  It's basically Three D Radio's weird or even experimental show and I try
to play a fairly broad range of stuff, giving priority to things that have been released within the
last few months so I'm trying to make the show appeal to as many different types of people
as I can, while still keeping it as weird as possible.

For further information on any of the artists or releases through Chastity Records, check out or to order these releases online.
Also, The Vanishing Point airs on Three D Radio on Tuesday evenings from 11pm until 1am
Wednesday morning.

end of interview.

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